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Over the years, Bespoke Computing has developed a strong voice portfolio of mobiles, landlines and VoIP. Our services, including broadband and IT, all fit together and complement each other, offering the convenience and cost savings of only having to deal with one supplier. It is all about making your communications solutions simpler.

Bespoke Computing will always use our experience to recommend what we consider to be the best communications solutions for your unique business. If wanted, we can of course engineer a complete IT & Telecoms “bundle” based on the way you prefer to work and your plans for the future.

Our costs are always transparent. There are no hidden surprises, limits or restrictions – it will all be set out for you from the beginning. We will always be upfront with you about whether we are best placed to help you.


With mobile phones, Bespoke Computing has partnerships with the UK’s leading suppliers and can often command the best deals. We believe a mobile phone contract should be tailor-made to your business though, so the first action is discussing your specific needs. Only then can our team choose the best tariff and offer advice on what handset and network best fit your purpose.

We configure each and every handset for you and hand them over ready-to-go, effectively cloning what was on your previous handset, especially important with email, contacts, internet and apps. All you have to do is turn the phone on. And of course, we provide you with all your ongoing technical support from our Shropshire HQ.


If it is landlines you are interested in, we estimate that we can usually save you 20-30% on your landline bills. We do our research and negotiate with all the main suppliers to get you the most cost-effective deal. You don’t have to worry about anything; our team will take care of the transfer. Let us review your bill for free and if we can save you money we will tell you. Honest, upfront advice.

Perhaps it is just one handset and one line you require. Or you may need a networked system across multiple sites. We can accommodate and you will also find that our business contracts are much more flexible than what the main suppliers can offer. The small print is crucial here; you don’t want to get tempted into a cheap initial deal only to find out you are then tied in for five years that will automatically roll onto another five years unless you notify them within a specified window…


Many telephone solutions are now internet-based. Our VoIP is especially popular (Voice over Internet Protocol handsets allow conversations over the internet). We have been leading UK experts in the world of IT since 2002, so services such as VoIP fit organically within our business growth. We have always seen it as crucial to keep abreast of developments in our field, whereas some traditional IT companies are on the back foot when it comes to emerging technologies.

VoIP is most suitable for a business that is rapidly expanding and recruiting, is relocating or has multiple sites. VoIP allows you to be more flexible. It’s a myth that it’s free but it can save you lots of money.

VoIP sits on the broadband network you already use, so if Bespoke Computing is the internet provider, you have one point of contact for all of your communications support.

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