Not one, but two offers for you

Bespoke Computing specialises in IT Support for West Midlands businesses. In turn, that often leads to us looking after a company’s entire communications, from VoIP to mobiles phones.

We also like to help people by sharing our team’s knowledge free of charge. That comes in the forms of an IT security audit and the sending of weekly IT insights through our #TechTuesday mailers.


Free IT Security Audit Worth £1,200+VAT

Bespoke Computing is Cyber Essentials accredited. This is a scheme run by the National Cyber Security Centre to help protect businesses against cyber attack. For some industries, such as Care or Education, this is indeed essential.

To this end, Bespoke Computing is offering a free Cyber Essentials audit to UK businesses. We will visit your place of work and analyse how your business is measuring up against these recommendations. 

Below is the checklist of ten items we will review for you, as recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre. These are crucial to cover as there is lots of misinformation from not-so-credible sources flying around.

We would need to talk to you on the phone first, to run through some basic questions. Spaces for the free audit are limited, so please fill in the form below today to get the ball rolling.

Risk Management Regime | Secure Configuration | Network Security | Managing User Privileges | User Education and Awareness | Incident Management | Malware Prevention  | Monitoring | Removable Media Controls | Home and Mobile Working


We send out a weekly email to hundreds of UK businesses who have requested our free IT insights. No spam, no sales, just sharing the knowledge that our team has amassed over the years. Bespoke Computing has expertise across IT Support, computers hardware, website and email hosting, VoIP, mobile and leased line broadband.

Recipients usually get to enjoy a factoid or two as well…! For instance, did you know that “emoji” comes from the Japanese words ‘e’ for ‘picture’ and ‘moji’ for ‘character’?! 

You can sign up to our #TechTuesday mailers by filling in the form in the footer. It goes without saying that you can unsubscribe at any time and your details will not be sold to any 3rd parties. Funnily enough, we hate spam ourselves!


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