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Unified Communications

The ability for a business to communicate with its customers, suppliers and internally between employees is paramount. This might be over the telephone or through fax, by email or video conference, or something else.

Unified Communications brings these means of communicating together, overcoming different boundaries such as the device you chose to use or where you are physically located – it just works.

Experience tells us that business leaders want just one relationship for both their technology and communications strategy, taking responsibility for providing both functions in a reliable and transparent manner.

The areas of communications that we are able to provide includes:

  • Telephone lines and calls through physical lines (PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN30) orĀ the InternetĀ (SIP/IAX).
  • Geographic (01xxx) and non-geographic (03xx, 08xx, 09xx) telephone numbers.
  • Internet access through broadband (ASDL, VSDL), Ethernet, EFM and leased line services.
  • Telephone systems, at your offices or via the Cloud (VoIP).
  • Remote working facilities
  • Telephone systems, installed at your offices or accessed via the Internet (VoIP).
  • Remote working facilities and multi-site applications including VPN and MPLS.
  • Collaborative working with voice and video conferencing facilities.

If you would like to integrate your communications and technology together, call 0845 004 3025 to discuss things further or complete the enquiry form below.


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