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Cloud and Internet Services

There are increasingly fewer businesses that are able to function without interacting with the Internet in some way.

And whether you are looking to communicate better, deliver your services over a wider geographical area without being restricted by technology, or something else – how your organisation adopts the Internet depends on the nature of your business and the commercial objectives you are trying to achieve.

Working with our clients to first understand their exact requirements and objectives, Bespoke Computing Ltd is able to provide the following cloud and Internet based services:

  • Hosting of highly available virtual and physical servers in award-winning UK based data centres, inside and outside of the M25.
  • Provision of dedicated business services, such as Hosted Exchange and virtual desktops (VDI).
  • Internet based backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Simple website and email hosting.
  • Registration of Internet domain names.
  • Access to the Internet (see our page on Unified Communications)

If you are the leader of a successful business and wish to explore how Cloud and Internet based services may move your organisation forward, or you have a complex situation that may be suited for an Internet based solution, please get in touch by calling us on 0845 004 3025 or by completing the enquiry form below.


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