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Backup & Disaster Recovery

The most stressful time for any business is losing a key piece of computer equipment; and if losing that system was not bad enough, losing your electronic files can be devastating.

Different theories exist as to what makes a good backup.  In our world you need to be protected from (a) losing a file, (b) losing an entire computer system and (c) the loss of an entire site or office.

And it is never about the backup – only your ability to recover.To ensure that you are never without the files you need to do business, Bespoke Computing Ltd provides the following services:

  • Backup planning to design the right recovery strategy for your business.
  • Implementing backup solutions that will recover your electronic information when disaster strikes – either to removable storage (disk, tape) or to the Internet.
  • Monitoring of your backup solution to ensure that it is running without issue and your backup is protected.
  • Routine and regular testing of your backups to ensure that your critical electronic information is recoverable, before having to restore for real and find it doesn’t work.

Whether you would like a no-obligation audit of your current backup strategy or a conversation about backups and disaster recovery, please get in touch with us by calling 0845 004 3025 or filling out the enquiry form below.

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