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Our Clients

The breadth of our customers spans businesses of all shapes and sizes through to everyday household brand names, operating across a multitude of verticals from manufacturing to retail.

These organisations are managed by dynamic business leaders that have ambitions and know where they are going with their businesses.  They demand efficiency, transparency, better communication and security for their businesses.

Our clients see us as a partner rather than a supplier, they realise that it is an on-going and long term relationship that will last for many years.  We are constantly working with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for their businesses.

We input at the board level and act virtually in the capacity of Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer, advising them on technology  that will support the strategic direction of their businesses.

Our clients respect our professional judgement, knowing that we’re not trying to sell them the latest gismos or gadgets, understanding there are sound commercial reasons or a business case for the recommendations we put forward.

How will you get business value as a client of Bespoke Computing Ltd?

The value for IT is through the demand for efficiency, better communication and security – contributing to the accomplishment of business goals.

Taking the time to listen to our clients and understand the why of what is required; our solutions deliver measurable value  that ensures the technology is always supporting the business and not the other way around.

If you’re getting this kind of value from Bespoke Computing Ltd then you will recommend us to others.  In fact more than two-thirds of our sales revenue comes from recommendation or repeat business, have a look at what our customers are saying.

To discover how Bespoke Computing Ltd can help you to improve the fit between your business and technology, request your business technology review online or call 0845 004 3025 right now.